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Motion Joint Therapeutics


Motion Joint Therapeutics consists of a team of medical professionals with a mission to cure your pain and help you live better. Our focus is fast and safe pain relief combining Western and Oriental medicine. We have successfully treated patients that were diagnosed with disc herniation, multiple sclerosis (early stage), muscle atrophy, chronic headache and fibromyalgia etc. As a company that is dedicated to patient care, we accept insurance benefits, MVA and WSIB. 

We offer services to Vaughan, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Brampton, Toronto, etc. 


I was having intense amount of low back pain after a motor vehicle accident. Dr. Jes went through a comprehensive examination to find out that I was having some disc problem. She took care of the problem by using acupuncture, chiropractic mobilizations and taught me proper posture and exercises. I am now able to regain health and back to my normal routines.

Lee P, Ajax

I have been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in which the left side of my face droops. I was told to take antibiotics by my family doctor and was also told the condition might or might not get better. Dr. Huo helped my condition tremendously and after 5 or 6 sessions of acupuncture plus soft tissue therapy of the facial muscles, my conditions were completely recovered. Now I’m able to raise my eyebrows and cheek without difficulty! Thanks to this great team of practitioners that I was able to regain confidence and move forward with life! Thank you!

Ariel J, Toronto

I have been diagnosed with disc herniation 8 months ago and I was having intense pain with difficulty walking
(I was not able to stand for more than few minutes). After about 10 manual therapy sessions with Jes and her colleagues,
I was feeling 50% better. The way they do treatments here was completely different comparing to other places I have been to and I am confident that they will get me recovered and return to my regular functions.

Muyu W, Toronto

Jes has been amazing in treating my knee. Last year I tore both my ACL and
MCL at basketball. Hadn’t done surgery yet so everytime I play, my knee is very
swollen. Jes works her magic every time to minimize and eliminate the pain.

Brian L, Mississauga

On November 27th 2017 I was in rear end collision. The accident left me with injuries to my neck, back, left shoulder, and re-aggravated an injury to my left knee. I was forced to miss time from work, and found it hard to preform day to day tasks. I started seeing Jes in December 2017. Within weeks, I began to feel more like myself. With her knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine, I was able to return to work in two months and back to my regular duties as a carpenter a short time thereafter. Jes was great to work with! I have had much progress because she is a trained professional. Jes truly cares about the health of each individual and customizes treatments for maximum results. Her professionalism, kind hearted spirit and genuine care of helping others has brought me back for treatments on a weekly basis. I am definitely on the road to recovery because of Jes. I would recommend her services to everyone.

Michael F, Ajax